Bloodborne 2 Leaked By Amazon Italy With 2019 Release Window

Bloodborne - PS4

Amazon Italy has posted a listing for Bloodborne 2 despite the game not having been announced yet.

Bloodborne 2 has yet to be announced by Sony or developer FromSoftware, but that hasn’t stopped retailer Amazon Italy from prematurely posting a listing for the highly anticipated sequel.

Bloodborne 2 was expected to be revealed at E3 2018 this year by FromSoftware following the developer’s 2017 Game Awards Show teaser; but, that game ultimately turned out to be Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – an intriguing game, but not Bloodborne.

Sony didn’t have any sort of announcement during their own E3 press conference either, leaving the fate of a sequel up in the air.

Well, for whatever reason Amazon Italy posted a listing for the game today (via Spazio Games) with a release window for 2019. The listing is still currently active, but in the event that it gets pulled, here’s a screenshot:

This wouldn’t be the first time an online retailer leaked a game ahead of its announcement. Prior to E3, Walmart Canada outed a ton of games slated for E3 reveals, the biggest being Bethesda’s Rage 2.

While the lack of a Bloodborne 2 announcement at E3 shocked a ton of PlayStation fans, there’s still plenty of time for it to be revealed with Paris Games Week in October and PlayStation Experience in December.

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