10 Fastest Offensive Players In Madden 19

Madden 19 - Cincinnati Bengals WR John Ross

Tyreek Hill may be the fastest player in Madden 19, but here are 9 of the other fastest players in the game at WR and RB.

Speed kills in Madden. On offense, speed can make all of the difference in the world turning a typical 8-yard slant into a potential 60-yard touchdown with the run after the catch. This week, EA revealed the full player ratings in Madden 19. Sorting through the ratings, I looked up the top 10 fastest players on offense. No surprise, the category was dominated by wide receivers and runningbacks.

Here are the 10 fastest offensive players in Madden 19:

Position Team Name Speed Acceleration Agility Overall
WR Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill 98 97 98 87
WR Cincinnati Bengals John Ross 97 95 93 76
WR Carolina Panthers Damien Byrd 96 94 94 72
HB Jacksonville Jaguars Corey Grant 96 90 93 76
WR Miami Dolphins Jakeem Grant 96 95 91 73
WR Arizona Cardinals J.J. Nelson 96 94 92 77
WR Los Angeles Rams Brandin Cooks 95 92 96 87
WR New England Patriots Phillip Dorsett 95 91 96 75
WR Houston Texans Will Fuller V 95 93 92 81
WR San Francisco 49ers Marquise Goodwin 95 96 91 83

It’s important to remember that speed isn’t everything in Madden, but it can be a difference maker. The difference between Ross’ second-best 97 Speed and Cooks’ 95 Speed probably isn’t worth the drop off in 11 Overall, so you’re probably better getting a player like the L.A. Rams wide receiver.

Because Corey Grant is the only running back listed among the top 10 in speed, here are a few other notables:

  • Tavon Austin (Dallas Cowboys) – 94 Speed, 80 Overall
  • Tevin Coleman (Atlanta Falcons) – 94 Speed, 86 Overall
  • Keith Marshall (Washington Redskins) – 94 Speed, 71 Overall

And for quarterbacks, no surprise here; Baltimore Ravens rookie Lamar Jackson is the fastest with 91 Speed, 93 Acceleration and 95 Agility. He also boasts a 79 Overall.

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