Fortnite: Exclusive PlayStation Plus skin leaked ahead of tomorrow’s release

PS Plus Fortnite Battle Royale

Check out the new Fortnite outfit that is supposedly free for PlayStation Plus subscribers as of tomorrow.

It looks like PlayStation is partnering with Epic Games for an exclusive cosmetic outfit in Fortnite. With the release of today’s Fortnite update 4.4, players have begun data mining the game’s files. One of the things discovered was a PlayStation Plus-exclusive skin for Fortnite. The person who discovered the skin @TwoEpicBuddies, says the new outfit will be released on June 12. Assuming the leak is legit, and it certainly seems it is based on the evidence below, the new outfit almost resembles Frozone from Disney’s The Incredibles franchise.

Adding further evidence to the leak, PlayStation Australia posted on Facebook that PS Plus members will be receiving “free Fortnite gear,” although they didn’t specify what it would be.

The outfit will most likely be free for PS4 players as long as they are also PlayStation Plus subscribers. With Sony hosting its E3 2018 press conference tonight, expect some sort of announcement regarding the skin. Whether or not this means we’ll see additional PlayStation-exclusive content for Fortnite remains to be seen, but we’ll find out soon enough!

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