God of War’s Final Easter Egg May Have Finally Been Discovered

God of War Loki Runes Final Easter Egg

After months of searching, players may finally have uncovered the final Easter egg in God of War, and it involves Kratos’ house. SPOILERS BELOW!

Since its release in April, God of War has teased players with secrets and Easter eggs. But there’s been one secret that has eluded fans for months and at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, director Cory Barlog offered a hint that may have helped lead to its supposed discovery. Barlog teased that the end to this hunt lies at the beginning – suggesting the secret rests somewhere inside Kratos’ house.

Jump-starting the search again, players may have finally uncovered the final God of War Easter egg. As cataloged on the r/GodofWarSecrets subreddit, players discovered a set of four runes scattered throughout the corners of Kratos’ house. When the runes are put together in proper order, they spell out the name “Loki.”

The runes fall in line with previous comments said by members of God of War‘s creative team, particularly that the secret was accessible near the start of the adventure. The runes don’t necessarily tell us anything new about the world, but they add another layer to the level to which Faye, Atreus’ mother, knew what would come to pass. Senior Concept Artist Joe Kennedy acknowledged Faye’s hand in the runes.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of mysteries in God of War that are still unexplained, like the red box runes, strange white circles, and other Valkyrie clues. So is this really the final Easter egg? It seems even the developers themselves are unaware as Kennedy acknowledged on Reddit, “Cory is probably the only guy who know all the secrets.”

So, I guess the search isn’t over just yet.

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