Madden NFL 19’s Longshot: Homecoming continues with Devin Wade as a Dallas Cowboy

Madden NFL 19 - Longshot Homecoming

EA has revealed all-new details about Madden NFL 19’s story mode, Longshot: Homecoming, including improved gameplay and more engaging narratives.

Last year’s Madden NFL 18 borrowed a page from EA’s FIFA franchise, introducing a story mode. The narrative-driven mode, titled “Longshot,” was clearly inspired by FIFA‘s own popular story mode, “The Journey,” and, quite honestly, it was pretty darn fun.

Longshot put players in the cleats of Devin Wade, a player who retired ahead of his prime looking to make a comeback in the NFL. In Madden 19, that story will continue with Longshot: Homecoming with even more depth as the beloved characters you met last year continue their personal journeys on and off the field.

Listening to feedback on last year’s mode, Madden 19‘s Longshot: Homecoming will offer more gameplay elements. According to the EA, the mode will feature “four times the gameplay,” as players see more action on the field.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that Longshot: Homecoming will begin with Devin Wade in training camp with the… Dallas Cowboys. As a fan of America’s Team, I absolutely love this; but, I’m sure there are quite a few NFL fans who aren’t looking forward to playing with that sexy Star on their helmet. Don’t worry though because I’m sure somewhere in Wade’s quest to prove he belongs in the NFL there will be some sort of way to get out of Dallas.

Additionally, Longshot will actually be featured in other Madden 19 game modes, including Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team. EA teases: “See if you can take Devin to Super Bowl glory in Franchise while building the legend of Mathis football as Colt looks to guide his high school to gridiron success.”

You’ll be able to continue Devin Wade’s story in Longshot: Homecoming when Madden NFL 19 releases August 10.

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