Madden NFL Mobile Becomes Madden NFL Overdrive On August 15

Madden NFL Overdrive

Starting August 15, Madden NFL Mobile will officially become Madden NFL Overdrive. Here’s what that means.

In a surprise announcement today, EA announced today Madden NFL Overdrive will be replacing the long-running Madden NFL Mobile. Described as the “next great football experience,” here’s what EA teased about Madden NFL Overdrive:

“Madden NFL Overdrive takes your game to a whole new level with intense competition, realistic visuals, and gameplay fidelity, and an emotional rivalry you’ll feel like never before.”

Madden NFL Overdrive has been built from the ground up, powered by a fresh gameplay engine that looks to immerse you in the action like never before on mobile devices. Perhaps the biggest feature coming as a result of this update is real-time head to head gameplay.

“Score big with real-time PvP in a quick offensive blitz where fantasy scoring allows you to rack up points and earn packs faster than ever. Go head to head with real players in real time and adjust your strategy on the fly. Earn fans, increase your XP, and rank up for amplified rewards.”

So you’re probably wondering, why Madden NFL Overdrive? This is actually a new in-game feature. Overdrive is a meter that fills up in real-time PvP that enables you to unleash tactics on both offense and defense during a game. For example, if you’re trailing in a game, you can activate an offensive tactic to open an opportunity to score a big touchdown. Alternatively, if you find yourself trailing, you can send out a defensive tactic to make things difficult on the opposing offense.

Player chemistry on your team and your Captain both affect how quickly your Overdrive meter will fill up. Additionally, Captains provide additional goals for scoring bonuses, modify how you score fantasy points, and boost your Overdrive meter. Your captain, coach, and playbook selection offers a chance to fully customize a gameplay strategy like never before, and earn rewards at the same time.

In addition to gameplay improvements, Madden NFL Overdrive’s new engine will deliver real-time physics and broadcast-style presentation. New signature player animations plus all-new Live Event mini-games have been added to the game.

Madden NFL Overdrive will arrive on August 15, replacing Madden NFL Mobile. You can pre-register now for text alerts and receive a free Kickoff Pack when the update goes live this summer.

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