Madden NFL Overdrive: How to claim free Terrell Owens and select the best playstyle

Madden NFL Overdrive Terrell Owens

From now through September 30, you can receive a free Terrell Owens Captain in Madden NFL Overdrive. But which playstyle should you choose?

On August 15, Madden NFL Mobile will officially become Madden NFL Overdrive. The new update will completely revamp the mobile Madden experience and to celebrate, EA is giving away a free Terrell Owens card to build your team around.

To receive your free Terrell Owens bonus card all you have to do is download and play Madden NFL Overdrive sometime between August 15 and September 30. Once you do that you can claim TO for your team through the in-game store.

You’ll notice, there are four different versions of TO to choose from. You’ll notice that the stats vary slightly.

Madden NFL Overdrive - Terrell Owens

In all honesty, a difference of three points in speed or three points in catching probably isn’t going to make or break your team. In fact, you probably won’t even notice it all that much. What’s more important to look at is the Playstyle, which, in part, does affect the various stat categories in terms of points allocation. But the Playstyle has a far more important impact on your team beyond an individual player’s rating.

Each of these different cards represents the different playstyle types to build your team around. Not only do these playstyle types represent the type of player TO was at that point in his career, but they will ultimately impact your team’s identity as it will determine a unique playbook and scheme. Here’s a simple breakdown of the type of plays you can expect in a playbook for each Captain type.

  • Smashmouth Captains: Heavy on running and play-action to fool defenses.
  • Vertical Captains: Deep passes to get the ball down the field quickly.
  • West Coast Captains: Short, safe passes with an emphasis on spreading the ball around.
  • Spread Captains: Misdirection with an emphasis on getting your best player in open space.

In addition to your playback, the type of Captain you choose will determine your scoring bonuses and the rate at which your Overdrive meter fills up in H2H. Upgrading your Captain will increase his ratings and improve the Captain’s Bonus provided.

Of course, Terrell Owens is just one cog in the overall machine. You’ll want to surround him with a Coach and other players with a similar scheme.

So when determining which Terrell Owens you should select for free, don’t just look at overall and stats. First think about the type of playbook and scheme you want to run and choose accordingly.

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