MARVEL Strike Force September update adds characters from Infinity Warps comic series

Marvel Future Fight Infinity Warps

The September update for MARVEL Strike ForceNetmarble’s mobile action RPG, was released today. With it comes a ton of new content, including characters from the Infinity Warps comic book event, new uniforms, updated heroes, and a new game mode.

Highlighting today’s event is the arrival of four new characters: Arachknight (Spider-Man/Moon Knight), Ghost Panther (Ghost Rider/Black Panther), Iron Hammer (Iron Man/Thor), and Weapon Hex (X-23/Scarlet Witch). Introduced in the Infinity Warps miniseries spin-off of Infinity Wars, the characters are a unique mash-up of two existing Marvel characters, brought about by Gamora using the Infinity Stones to fold the universe in half and combine two souls into one.

In addition to these new characters, the update adds new uniforms for existing characters in the game: Agent Venom’s Agent Anti-Venom uniform, Quicksilver’s Marvel Legacy uniform, and Medusa’s Monsters Unleashed uniform. Players can also collect and upgrade specific uniforms in the new Uniform Collection feature to receive special rewards. Hawkeye and Loki’s new classic uniforms have been added to this new game feature.

This update also makes it easier to reach level 70 for newly updated heroes as well as others, like Agent Venom, Quicksilver, and Medusa. Black Panther can also now advance to Tier-3, and Thanos will be able to challenge in World Boss Ultimate.

Lastly, today’s update adds the new Heroic Quest game mode. This will give players a set of quests called a “Heroic Quest Pack” to complete within a given time, with rewards given to players upon completion of each “Heroic Quest Pack.”

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