The Sims Mobile Halloween Update Now Live; Full Patch Notes Released

The Sims Mobile Halloween update

In celebration of Halloween, EA has released a spooky new update for The Sims Mobile. 

This “spooktacular” update contains plenty of exciting new Halloween-themed furniture, decorations, and costumes. It also preps the game for the Halloween Haunt event, which will officially begin Tuesday, October 23. Until then, you can get ready for scary season with the new Countdown to Halloween quest (available until October 23).

The “What’s New” portion of The Sims Mobile listing on Google Play teases:

  • Get ready for scary season with a Countdown to Halloween quest, available until 10/23
  • Have a screamin’ good time collecting candy corn during the Halloween Haunt from 10/23 – 11/2, with a holiday quest and activities
  • Use your candy corn to get ghoulishly-themed furniture and decorations, plus boo-tiful costumes like the Undead Bride and Groom!

Additionally, EA has listed some key bug fixes contained in the update:

  • Fixed an issue with venues periodically re-locking for some players
  • Fixed an issue with Helping Hand purchases not always completing correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the language toggle not saving preference after switching to English
  • Sims should no longer want to hang out in the bathroom quite as frequently (seriously, what are they doing in there)

Upon installing the new update, there isn’t too much to notice immediately. However, if you check out your heirloom collection, you’ll notice a new relationship story called “A Spirited Friendship” which can be unlocked by obtaining the rare Ghostly Figure family heirloom.

Let us know if you discover anything spooky or fun in the latest Halloween update for The Sims Mobile.

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