Three new Warframes in development: Hildryn, Wisp and one unannounced

Warframe - Hildryn and Wisp

Digital Extremes has revealed that three new Warframes are on the way. Check out the details for Hildryn and take a look at Wisp.

In this week’s developer update from Digital Extremes, it was announced that three new Warframes are in development for Warframe.

Two of them have already been named: Hildryn and Wisp; however, there’s a third that has been confirmed although it’s currently still a mystery.

Details remain scarce, but Hildryn is a shield-based frame. Rather than using energy, her abilities will pull from her shield pool. Instead of the regular Primary/Secondary/Melee signature weapon, she’ll be coming with her own Archwing gun.

The second Warframe is code-named “Wisp,” and while we don’t have any actual details regarding this Warframe, we do have a look at what it will look like.

Warframe - Hildryn and Wisp
Warframe – Hildryn and Wisp

The third Warframe is still a complete mystery, but we do know it is coming sometime in 2019.

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