Warframe: Hildryn’s abilities detailed and revealed

Warframe - Hildryn and Wisp

Digital Extremes has revealed the abilities of Hildryn, one of three new frames coming to Warframe. 

Considered a shield-based frame, Hildryn’s abilities pull from her shield pool instead of using energy. She also will be coming with her own Archwing gun rather than the regular Primary/Secondary/Melee signature weapon.

Getting a bit more specific, here’s what Digital Extremes says about Hildryn:

She’s different from other Warframes in that her shield pool doubles as her energy pool. Energy pickups will still work – they will increase this pool, AND will remove her shield recharge delay. One final fun thing, her dash will summon small shields.

And now onto Hildryn’s abilities:

Passive: Shield Gating on her base shields, and her on overshields.

First Ability – Balefire: Summons her Balefire Exalted Weapon, a launcher that charges up and deals an energy blast!

Second Ability – Shield Pillage: Sends out a wave that pulses out, and rushes back to Hildryn, stealing some enemy shields and armor as is passes over them. Any allies it passes over as it returns to Hildryn are cleansed of Status Effects, including Hildryn herself! Finally, you can recast the ability to return the wave to you sooner.

Third Ability – Haven: Enemies in range will take damage based on the shields you drain from them. This ability also recharge your Ally’s shields and give them bonus shields in range.

Fourth Ability – Aegis Storm: You can fly up and down using your spacebar and shift. Enemies below you are caught in a CC pillar of energy. The higher up you go, the more damage done to enemies in these pillars, but the smaller the area of effect becomes! You can still use abilities in this mode (pending her Shield Pillage) for extra synergy.

Finally, here’s a look at her alt helmet:


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